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멋진남자 비투비 5화 리키 전화연결 cut
Handsome BtoB Ep 5 Ricky Phone Call cut
clip up by: stayby myside

(I’m sorry I don’t know btob member’s voices/names very well. I tried my best sorry if they don’t match. But guys, Ricky is SOOO  CUUUTEE omgggosh~~ hahah )

eng translation:

minhyuk: Sungjae will make a phone call now.
hyunsik: who will you make a call to?
seungjae: 95 line!
minhyuk: 95 line!
hyunsik: boy or girl?
sungjae: a boy.
members: aah….
[ all together a disappointed sigh ]
hat: hurry up
seungjae: Teen Top’s Ricky!
[ 5 years since debut! Charming boy group! Teen Top’s cutie maknae line, RICKY ]

sungjae: hello?
ricky: …. hello?
minhyuk: it connected!
sungjae: Ricky-ya, were you sleeping?
ricky: (3 sec buffer) nnnooo~ 
[ kukukuku so cute ]
hat: he’s so cute. (polite speech)
sungjae: What were you doing? Were you sleeping?
sungjae: For me… when you think of me..
sungjae: How was I during thriller?
[ Illhoon fighting alone with the wind ]
Ricky: During thriller…. thrill…. no I meant…
sungjae: Huh???
[ very tired voice, During Thriller? ]
Ricky: During Thriller?
sungjae: Yes, during Thriller, how was I?
members: kukukukku.
hat(??): He’s so cute… (polite speech again)
[ Maybe I shouldn’t have woken this friend up… ]
Ricky: You were very… what was that word…? That… 
[ Ricky who is stuck in buffer mode for awhile ]
Ricky: That… 
[ For impatient people, they will faint ]
Ricky: Um….
sungjae: (impatient) Can you please talk a little faster?
member: HAHAHHA
[ The time that keeps flowing… ]
Ricky: Like… you were very… 
Ricky: uh… the Thriller… was…
Ricky: Thri-Thri-Thriller…

[ Ricky who has not adjusted to the time difference overseas ]
song: Good night our little baby~
[ I think I really shouldn’t have woken you up… ]
[ Yook SungJae is 100% at fault here. ]

sungjae: When you see me on stage, what do you think of me?
Ricky: On stage….
[ Cute? Handsome? Or exploding with Charm? ]
Ricky: You seem very old. 
[ very honest; YOU SEEM VERY OLD ]
member: HAHAHAH
[ That’s not the answer I wanted to hear my friend… ]
sungjae: No, something more simple
sungjae: what could that mean?
minkhyuk: Ask what he means by that.
sungjae: What do you mean by that?
Ricky: You’re mature.
[ Mature member Yook Mature! ] (note: this is a pun sorry i translate so bad)
EunKwang: You’re mature~
Sungjae: Mature and?
Minhyuk: I think he’s very tired. (very polite form again)
Ricky: Mature and… you’re handsome
member: Ah~ he said you’re handsome.
sungjae: What does it mean to be handsome?
sungjae: How do you think of me since I’m handsome?
[ anticipating ]
member: he says your face is handsome
Ricky: You’re cool..
members: OOH!
sungjae: And so?!
Ricky: Very… you’re very cool 
[ Ricky you’re almost there… just a little more strength! ]
sungjae: Can you tell that to me in direct form?
Ricky: Sungjae you’re VERY cool and JJANG!
[ finally the answer! ]

Thank you ^_^

[FANART] TEEN TOP Ricky x Changjo by xcxc

[FANART] TEEN TOP Changjo & Ricky - 95-Line Graduation by ths2_

[FANART] TEEN TOP Changjo & Ricky - 95-Line Graduation by ths2_




Question to Changjo,
What kind of person is Ricky?

He owns the ability to look appear younger each passing day. Although I’m the real maknae of the group, I tremble in fear at his ability. He eats meals very deliciously. When we watch him eat, he has the ability to make everyone around him happy.

> from a japanese magazine interview. 


[131227 TWITTER] - Ricky
Guo guo guo

[131227 TWITTER] - Ricky


Guo guo guo

130407 TEEN TOP Changjo & Ricky @ Suwon Fansigning by Take My Hand

130407 TEEN TOP Changjo & Ricky @ Suwon Fansigning by Take My Hand


Changrick moments - aplusangels

131124 TEEN TOP Ricky @ Angel Class Fanmeeting by Realism

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