TEEN TOP - No.1 Asia Tour In Seoul DVD (130512) by 乔先生95

- Ricky - If It’s You

- Ricky - If It’s You Ver. 2

- Why

- Never Go Back

- Missing You

- I Wanna Love

- Angel

- Baby U

- Girlfriend

- Not Gone Around Any Longer


 ❮FMV❯ Teen Top - Baby U ♥ 

Teen Top: 2010 - 2012

“I want to hold you all nightI want to kiss you till our lips burstDon’t worry about anything and don’t look elsewhereHere in my arms, hold my hand and stay by me” -Baby U(Teen Top)

“I want to hold you all night
I want to kiss you till our lips burst
Don’t worry about anything and don’t look elsewhere
Here in my arms, hold my hand and stay by me” -Baby U(Teen Top)

Ricky’s part in To You & Baby U & Shake it! Blame TOPMedia?

To You

Ricky’s part @ 0:25, 1:38 “Hey to you to you to you now” BUT Ricky isn’t the only one who sings that. He and Changjo (0:16, 1:29…. Changjo) take turns singing the same line. PLUS they only singing it one time alone. At the other parts they both singing it together.

PLUS I think Ricky will sing the part @ 1:04, 2:17 and Niel @ 1:33, 2:26 on stage. If you listen closely you can hear that the two part sounds a bit different. But I know that’s it’s Niel’s voice, maybe a bit Ricky’s voice. They did the same with Going Carzy. Everyone thought that’s it was Niel’s voice (and it was Niel’s voice) but Ricky sang it on stage. They’re recording Niel’s voice and don’t give Ricky lines in the song. -.- Ricky only performed it on stage.

Baby U

Ricky and Chunji singing: My Baby Boo Boo Boo? First Ricky and then Chunji? I don’t know. But I think it’s Chunji’s voice.

Ricky’s parts in Baby U @ 0:10 0:16, 1:09 1:13, 2:06, 2:12, 2:58 always the part between Niel. But it’s only one or two words -.-

Shake it!

@ 0:43, 1:40 2:36 I thought that it could be Ricky but I think it’s Chunji. Although it has a bit of Ricky’s voice. (Maybe it is his voice. MAYBE) And that’s mean Ricky has NO LINES in Shake it! -.-

I HATE IT. It’s always the same. It’s already hard to find Ricky’s voice because his, Niel’s and Chunji’s voice sounds similar. OR Like I would say; TOPMedia blend Ricky’s voice with Chunji’s and Niel’s. Everyone knows Ricky’s super cute voice and how he sings and sounds. Ricky’s voice is the cutest voice I’ve ever heard.

I want to hear Ricky’s voice and only his special voice. Like Changjo (I’m happy for him because he got so many lines) I want to say AH that’s Ricky’s voice. But It is not the case. You can’t recognize his voice. It’s hard to find it (only in Baby U you can somewhat hear his voice.)

Some people saying: “
Don’t blame TOP Media for not giving Ricky lines. Maybe he’s not ready yet or something.” Not Ready? After almost 2 years? Ricky’s voice is sooooo good. And then they’re trying to tell me that he is not ready?

I don’t know what to say anymore. I feel like crying. JUST… PLEASE GIVE RICKY MORE LINES. ;___; He deserves it more than anyone. Ricky is my bias since TEEN TOP’s debut and I know how hard it was for Ricky and how often his voice changed.

[NEWS] TEEN TOP Ricky: Do our Best

Ricky had to go frequently to the hospital because of his throat ‘to prevent the voices changes’, so he couldn’t properly take the vocal lessons. Because of that the company showed compassion and stated “Because of Ricky’s voice changes he had a reason for not singing, so we were waiting to see if next time his conditions will be better than these.”
The news came like a thunderclap and he was shocked but he couldn’t give up.

Cr: dkpopnews

I’m so frustrated and feel like crying I could just destroy everything -.- But whatever happens, I’ll always love you Ricky. Don’t Give Up my Baby. I’ll wait. No matter what. Just to hear your beautiful voice. Only hear your beautiful and cute voice.

I LOVE YOU Yoo ChangHyun♥ Forever my No.1

Oh and …. THE ALBUM ROCKS~~~~ IT’s so wonderful ^_^ Our boys did a AWESOME job.


Teen Top (틴탑) - Baby U