[FANART] TEEN TOP ChunRick - Arena Tour by ChunJoe0x0

[FANART] TEEN TOP ChunRick - Arena Tour by ChunJoe0x0

Decorating the “Christmas tree”


behind the scenes 

nielrick for ceci


Eng trans: @oursupaluv
Source: F to F magazine (Japan) February 2014 vol. 13
Please do not take out without permission.

Teen Top Fly High! Arena Tour 2014 Decided!

Taking a number 1 on Korean music programs and carrying off their first solo concert successfully as well, Teen Top showed their…

Apparently the maknae line is also getting meaner

{ENG SUB} 130306 Teen Top @ Shim Shim Ta Pa


zepp concert game 131205 english translations

l. joe: shall i do it for you?

*throws a kiss*

cap: Okay.

chunji: I’ll do it for you.

l.joe: no no no.

cap: You can’t do anything cute.

l. joe: I don’t know how to be sexy!

l.joe: *mouths silently* (what do I do niel?)

*blows kiss*

cap: okay.

*niel does sexy pose*

cap: okay.

*ricky tries to be sexy*

cap: No.

ricky: Why not?

ricky: *in japanese* Why not?

cap: No no no.

*ricky second try to be sexy*

cap: The mission isn’t to be cute.

Ricky: Wave! Aaah~

someone: one more time.

*ricky waves and gives puppy eyes*

cap: Are you feeling itchy?

ricky: are you going to be like this

cap: Shall we play one more time?

niel: *in japanese* no!

changjo: No!

niel: It’s too scary.

l.joe: changjo changjo changjo!

niel: abs~

niel: abs~ abs~

changjo: Hold on a moment.

ricky: sheesh, Changjo. The fans on this side couldn’t see.

l.Joe: changjo, the fans over there couldn’t see either.

niel: You have to show the second floor too.

niel: Hurry!

niel: Did everyone get to see?

131210 TEEN TOP Ricky @ Zepp Tour Fly High in Tokyo Day 2 2/3 by Ai_Chani