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the chatting starts at 1:32. But then you can still watch a lovely performance of walk by ^_^

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translation starts @ 1:32
ljoe: Let’s greet everyone
minsoo: 1 2 3
tt: Hello, we are teentop
ljoe: Today is Angel Vacance
angel: Yes
ljoe: How are you? Are you ready to play?
angel: Yes
ljoe: For today, we want to find a very special angel
ricky: Where could this person be?
ljoe: We’re here to find that person
ljoe: We’re here to find our ideal person
ricky: Who is your ideal person?
ljoe: My ideal person?
ricky: How about the person in the front?
ljoe: This miss?
ljoe: I wonder
niel: Ricky
ricky: Yes?
niel: What do you think of that person?
minsoo: This person came to Vacance
ricky: Who? Where?
niel: The person wearing the hat and waving to us
minsoo: Over there
ricky: But he’s a guy
chunji: But he’s a guy (copying ricky)
niel: What are you implying here?
niel: I’m asking how he is?
chunji: How is he?
ricky: I think you’re more handsome than me
ricky: But you’re a guy
ricky: ah what a hopeless situation
niel: Changjo, what do you think of that person?
changjo: Where?
changjo: Oh I like her
niel: You like her?
changjo: You’re talking about the person there, right?
niel: Yes that person
chunji: Would you like to date her?
changjo: what?
chunji: Would you like to date her?
changjo: then does it make our first day together?
chunji: You’re going to date her?
changjo: Yes
chunji: Then go kiss her
ricky: Go over there and then come back
changjo: (I can’t hear well i think he said) Now that I think about it maybe it wasn’t a good idea

[FANART] TEEN TOP in Guam by ths2_

[FANART] TEEN TOP Ricky, Niel & Changjo in Guam by QQTT_


[ Chunji who claims to be taller ]
chunji: Hongestly, as for height, i’m taller. 
[ ricky: shaking head ]
ricky: What do you mean taller?
chunji: When we shower together
ricky: We’re really similar
chunji: You’re shorter
chunji: no you’re not
[ height war burning again ]
chunji: When we shower, we don’t wear our shoes
chunji: when we shower… 

so cute xD

Two Lover’s Point: Solo hell… Couple paradise

Niel's sweet video message for Ricky before jumping on skydiving

[FANART] TEEN TOP ChunRick - Arena Tour by ChunJoe0x0

[FANART] TEEN TOP ChunRick - Arena Tour by ChunJoe0x0

Decorating the “Christmas tree”


behind the scenes 

nielrick for ceci